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Best Free Shopping Apps

Are you looking for the best free shopping apps? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Free Apps 101, we specialize in finding the best free apps for various uses. In this section, we’ve reviewed the top apps available that relate to “the best free shopping apps”.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Think Dirty App Review

The main uncertainty floating around is if Think Dirty app is legit. As per usual, we read lots of reviews after we experience the app for ourselves, and I found myself actually having some of the same complaints I read in the reviews. The Think Dirty app helps you shop clean by allowing you to scan things into the think dirty app to see if they are safe for you to use. This has led to us wondering if the Think Dirty app is helping your or will it do you dirty? Let’s take a closer look at the health awareness app and see if it’s worth a try. Read Full Review

Price: Free to Download
In-App Purchases: No
Category: Health & Fitness
4 out of 5 stars

Drop App Review

The quest for free money is never ending. Whether it is s a survey that will earn you a few cents, cashback rewards points, or a competition prize, we are forever on the lookout for easy money. However, cashback costs a fortune overtime to earn something worthwhile. The surveys are time-consuming and mind-numbing for a fraction of a dollar. Cash as a prize is unlikely, difficult or demeaning to get. This is where Drop app shines like a beacon. Designed to simply reward you for your normal spending habits, Drop tries to make the most out of everyday life. Read Full Review

Price: Free to Download
In-App Purchases: Yes
Category: Lifestyle

Top 14 Free Gift Card Apps For Android – Google Play Store

There are a number of gift card reward apps offered for free yet few are legitimate and offer actual real rewards. We’ve compiled a list below with a review of the top gift card apps including price, how many installs they have and what the star rating is. Read Full Review