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Best Free Relaxing Game Apps

Are you looking for the best free relaxing game apps? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Free Apps 101, we specialize in finding the best free apps for various uses. In this section, we’ve reviewed the top apps available that relate to “the best free relaxing game apps”.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Amaze! App Review

What is Amaze!? Amaze! Is a painting puzzle game in which you must fill each square of a maze with color. You do this by moving a ball across the space you are provided, though the ball can only travel in a straight line, and it always travels to the opposite end of the open space, coloring everything as it goes. Once you fill the entire puzzle with color, you clear the stage and can move onto more complex and challenging puzzles. Read Full Review

Price: Free to Download
In-App Purchases: Yes: $2.99 to remove ads
Category: Games - Puzzle
4.5 out of 5 stars

Perfect Slices App Review

Perfect Slices is a straightforward gaming app that’s all about one thing; slicing cleanly through all sorts of vegetables in rapid succession. The game mechanics are very simple; rows of vegetables towards you on a conveyor belt, and all you have to do is hold your finger down to make your knife slice up and down, chopping them up as they come. Of course the game gets a little more complex than that, or it wouldn’t be much of a game. As you progress further in the game, there will be obstacles that force you to time your chopping properly, lest you break your knife. And of course, there’s a variety of different knives with different attributes to help mix up the gameplay as well. Read Full Review

Price: Free to Download
In-App Purchases: Yes: $2.99 per item
Category: Games - Simulation
4.5 out of 5 stars

Sandwich! App Review

What is Sandwich! app? As the name implies, this game is all about sandwiches. Or rather, making sandwiches. Thankfully, there’s a lot more to that than it sounds, as this is actually a puzzle game. The many sandwich ingredients are laid out in front of you, in a fashion very similar to a grid or a crossword puzzle. It’s up to you to fold all of the ingredients on top of each other in the proper order, making the perfect sandwich. As you can imagine, this process becomes gradually more difficult as you progress in levels. In fact, you can unlock up to forty ingredients in the game, providing a great variety in the puzzle making, not to mention a fair amount of difficulty. Read Full Review

Price: Free to Download
In-App Purchases: Yes: $2.99-$3.99 to remove ads
Category: Games - Puzzle & Board
4 out of 5 stars

Color Fill 3D App Review

What is Color Fill 3D? The premise of Color Fill 3D is very simple and straightforward. You control a cube that has been placed in a room with grid squares. All you have to do is fill every blank space in the room with your color. To do this, you maneuver the cube to create boxes. Every time you connect four lines of your color, the empty space in the middle of those four lines will be filled. Once you do this you clear the level. Later stages will have obstacles, both stationary and moving, to make the gameplay a bit more challenging. Read Full Review

Price: Free to Download
In-App Purchases: Yes: $1.99 no ads
Category: Games - Puzzle
4 out of 5 stars

Collect Cubes App Review

What is Collect Cubes? The premise for collect cubes is extremely simple; in fact, you can probably guess what the main point of the game is, considering its name. The gist of it is this; some sort of structure, be it a tower, a rubber duck, or something in-between, crashes down into a sealed area and breaks into hundreds of tiny cubes. You take control of a U-shaped scooping device, and gallivant around the arena, gathering up all those cubes and returning them to a single point. Once you’ve collected them all, you win, simple as that. In short, this is a very simple and straightforward game, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Read Full Review

Price: Free to Download
In-App Purchases: No
Category: Games - Casual

What type of relaxing game apps are available for download?
During stressful times, it is important to relax and unwind. Especially when you had an exhausting and tiresome day at work or at school, relaxing at the end of the day is very important for our health. At Free Apps 101, we have come up with a list of the best free relaxing game apps to have fun and relax with.

Where can I download free relaxing game apps?

Depending on your device, Apple users (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc…) can find relaxing game apps to download at the Apple App Store. To download apps, browse the store for relaxing game apps and click download.

For Android users, (Google, Samsung, BlackBerry, etc…) relaxing game apps can be found at Google Play Store. Search for relaxing game apps by typing “relaxing game apps” into the search bar and click download.

Are relaxing game apps for free?

There are many relaxing game apps that are free for everyone to download at the App Store and Google Play Store. At Free Apps 101, we have created a list below for the best relaxing game apps to download for both Apple and Android users, so be sure to check it out! It is important to keep in mind that free apps may contain pop-up ads.

There are also apps that are not free and require purchases. To purchase, users can pay directly through the App Store or Google Play Store.

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