There are many free Meditation Apps that can be downloaded for both Android and iOS. Each app has unique features specific for what you are looking for. 

Whether you are new to Meditation or looking to expand your practice, these apps will offer you the tools to grow and expand.  Libraries of guided meditations, timers, or even daily reminders can keep you on track.  Using a Meditation App can assist you on your commitments to go within and be still.  

Digging through app stores to try and find the right app for you can be challenging. We have created a helpful list of the top free Meditation Apps. The ratings are based on our reviews as well as user feedback.

The free apps below are listed in order of review rating and most commonly downloaded on the platforms for Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad).

Best Free Meditation Apps for Android

Let’s Meditate: Guided Meditation for Android

This is our top pic for Android Meditation Apps due to its fast library of guided meditations ranging from topic like anxiety release to self healing to sleep aid.  The length of the tracks varies as well, so if you are just staring a want to ease in with a 5 minute track you can.  If you are a seasoned meditator there are longer track to choose from as well.  

Meditation & Relaxation: Guided Meditation for Android

This app is a top pic because it offers a 7 day intro to meditation class, you can ease in and develop your skills from the get go.  There are several 7 day meditation classes offered on a variety of topics from stress relief to to self-esteem to happiness.  

Stop, Breathe & Think for Android

This frequently downloaded app is a mindfulness tool.  It offers activities and meditations for all ages, including kids and teens.  It also offers meditations in Spanish.  We love that this app provides meditations for a variety of audiences.  They even have a meditation for your commute, or to ease the stress of College.  

Deep Meditation: Relaxation & Sleep Meditation App for Android

This app is great for relaxation and sleep.  It provides several guided meditations, sleep meditations and a wide variety of sleep melodies.  If you have trouble falling asleep at night this app can really help you to relax and sleep peacefully.  

Insight Timer – Free Meditation App for Android

With this app you get thousands of guided meditations plus 10+ new meditations added daily!  For those daily meditators that like to use a different guided meditation each time, this app was made for you!  Endless options provide you with meditations for a lifetime.  

Simple Habit – Guided Meditation and Relaxation for Android

This app is great for meditators on the go!  With a vast library of 5 minute meditations, you can easily fit in your quiet time once or twice a day.  Simple Habit is also great for beginners who aren’t accustom to sitting for long.  The worlds best meditation teachers have provided their guidance for you to fit right in your pocket to use when needed.  

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep for Android

This helpful app offers meditations for a wide variety of topics such as stress and anxiety, falling asleep and waking up, personal growth, productivity and much more.  The app also offers eyes-open mindfulness practices in activities such as walking outdoors, cooking and commuting.  

The Mindfulness App: relax, calm, focus and sleep for Android

This free app is great for variety.  If offers over 250 meditations from influential teachers as well as customizable meditations you can create just for you.  Also offered is a mediation journal to track your progress.  

Free Meditation – Take a Break for Android

This free meditation app provides you with a voice guided relaxation, a 7 min work break meditation, and a 13 min stress relief meditation.  Option to meditate with or without music is also offered.  

Guided Meditation Free App for Android

With Guided Meditation Free you guided meditations or nature sounds to promote sleep.  It also offers meditations for motivation, quitting smoking, weight loss, body revitalization and more.  

Best Meditation Apps for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

Insight Timer – Meditation App for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Thousands of guided meditations are available using Insight Timer, which is why it’s at the top of our list.  There is a discussion forum for a sense of community, a wide range of meditation topics, and over ten new meditations added daily.

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Awarded for Best of 2018, Headspace offers features like sleep aids, hundreds of meditations and mindfulness exercises, and new topics each day.  This app is very enjoyable and easy to use. 

Meditation and Relaxation Pro for iPhone and iPad

We love this app because it provides a vast amount of 7 day meditations, perfect for beginners.  It also offers a 14 day option for intermediate meditators.  This app will provide you with calm, better sleep, and even forgiveness.  

Oak – Meditation & Breathing for iPhone and iPad

Oak is a beautifully designed app that is equipped with simple guided meditations, breathing exercises to promote better sleep and relaxation, and an option to play nature sounds to fall asleep to.  This elegant app is great for anyone who simply wants to chill out.  

This app is a bit different than the rest on our list as it is simply a timer with multiple sound options.  Setting a timer on the iPhone itself can lead to an abrupt change in the vibe after a nice meditation.  Meditation Time offers sounds like singing bowls or healing gongs to bring you out of your meditation.  

Simple Habit – Guided Meditation and Relaxation for iPhone

Simple Habit is great for meditators on the go!  With a vast library of 5 minute meditations, you can easily fit in your quiet time once or twice a day.  Simple Habit is also great for beginners who aren’t accustom to sitting for long.  The worlds best meditation teachers have provided their guidance for you to fit right in your pocket to use when needed. 

Relax Meditation: Guided Mind for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

This is a fav of ours due to its ability to add to your overall health, happiness boosting exercise, increase in focus and awareness and much more.  A 5 day introductory path is provided and many meditation topics are provided as well.  

Zen: Meditation & Sleep for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Zen adds new guided meditations each week so you never get bored.  There are audio and video options for relaxation exercises as well.  Our favorite bonus feature are mantras you can use for health, love, happiness and sleep!

Present – Guided Meditation for iPhone and iPad

Hundreds of meditations are provided by Present on a wide variety of topics.  Stress reduction, better sleep, and self-awareness are some of the benefits this app provides.  Simply download and decompress.   

Daily Meditation: Sleep, Relax for iPhone

Top mindfulness experts lead you in a wide variety of guided meditations.  Relaxation videos and sleeps sounds are also featured within this app.  Mindfulness classes are available as well, making this a great app for all things zen.  

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