There are many free Game Apps that can be downloaded for both Android and iOS. Each app has different types of games like trivia, guessing games, puzzles and much more.  

Whether you are looking for group games, games to play solo, or games for your kids these apps will give you some great options to try out.  

Digging through app stores to try and find games that will hold your attention can be challenging. We have created a helpful list of the top free Game Apps. The ratings are based on our reviews as well as user feedback.

The free apps below are listed in order of review rating and most commonly downloaded on the platforms for Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad).

Best Free Game Apps for Android

Word Collect – Free Word Games for Android

This is one of the highest ranked games due to its variety. The difficulty level increases and you move from level to level, making it challenging and engaging. Simply collect letters in any direction and find as many as possible to earn bonuses. Perfect for every “word nerd” out there.  

Solitaire Card Games Free for Android

This app recreates the classic game of Solitaire. It provides a version for both right and left handed people, which we thought was cool. There are unlimited undo’s and free hints. Practicing with this app will make you a Solitaire pro!  

Trivia only. Free quiz game: QuizzLand for Android

Available in 5 languages, Trivia only provides a free game to test your IQ and have fun while learning. Each question has great explanation and fun categories and questions. If you love trivia, you will enjoy this app!  

Wheel of Fortune: Free Play for Android

An all time fav, Wheel of Fortune gets recreated in app form! The fun of this game can now go with you wherever you go. Keep score with friends, or add them to a multiplayer game. Join games with players all over the world or connect with you network via Facebook.    

Skillz – Logic Brain Games for Android

We have this app on our top ten due to it’s beautiful design and many features to develop your mind. Improve memory, increase speed and accuracy, and have fun while doing so with a variety of brain games.  

Bingo – Free Bingo Games Simple for Android

This app is great for Bingo fans! Increase or decrease your game speed to challenge and improve your Bingo skills. Fun mini-games are also included in this app. Great for kids and adults alike.  

Chess Free for Android

We love this app because everyone can play. Whether you are learning Chess for the first time, or a seasoned player, you will have fun on the app. There are 12 levels of play and a Chess tutor feature to increase your Chess knowledge and skills.  

Bike Race Free – Top Motorcycle Games for Android

This all-ages races game is fun for anyone. Race other players on the multi-player game or challenge your Facebook friends. This app features tons of different race tracks, stunts, and choices of bikes. It also has low data usage, so it wont take up too much space on your phone. Vroom!  

Bowling Game 3D Free for Android

The awesome 3D design of this game makes it unique. Play as a single players, pass and play with others or get paired against the app. You can customize your bowling alley and this app also utilized realistic physics, similar to real life bowling. Great for bowling fans and non-bowling fans alike!    

Flow Free for Android

This game features over 2,500 free puzzles. Connect color dots to create piping and create a “flow”. Fill the board to move onto the next level. This game is fun, easy, and entertaining. Perfect for everyone.  

Best Game Apps for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

Heads Up!  for iPhone and  iPad

We’re not surprised that is game is top choice, as it has become very popular for game nights and fun with friends. Just one player has to download the app. One person hold the phone to their forehead as it produces names or title from your category of choice. Other players have limited time to give hints as to what the name or title is. Much like Charades, this game is great for lots of laughs.  

Psych! Outwit Your Friends for iPhone, and iPad

This game is another fav. Play with friends in person or long distance.  Answer trivia questions and weed out fake answers. Our favorite category “The truth comes out” generates questions about each player. Vote on your favorite answer, and whoever’s answer gets the most votes wins! Get ready to laugh with this awesome free game app.  

Candy Crush Saga for iPhone and iPad

Candy Crush swept the nation a few years back. It’s still going strong as one of the top rated, and most downloaded app. The game is simple…match 3 or more gummy candies in a row to clear all the candies and beat each level. Levels increase in difficulty. Join a team and connect with your Facebook friends for a little friendly competition.  

Words With Friends for iPhone and iPad

This game is a portable Scrabble-like game that you can play with other players, matched to your skill level. You can also challenge your Facebook friends and take turns finding new words. Each letter holds a point value, and the player with the most points in the end wins.   

This app is featured because it is fun and different. Ages 12 and up can enjoy this game. Get to the end of each water slide to succeed. Bump other players out of your way to be the first at the end of the slide.   

Fun Race 3D for iPhone and iPad

Race through obstacle course to be first over the finish line in this fun free game app. Kids and grown ups alike can race in this game. Create your character and pass through each level to race on different courses. If you are looking for easy fun, this is the game app for you.

Polyshpere for iPhone and iPad

This is a fav of ours due to gorgeous pictures. This puzzle game provides you a shape that you can rotate and take apart to find the smaller hidden shapes within. Enjoy a free 3 day trial on this beautiful app. Train your brain with this fun and beautiful game app.

Homescapes for iPhone and iPad

This app is popular due to its variety and fun as well as its adorable storyline. It is also a game within a game. Play mini-games to unlock points in order to re-decorate your home. Create teams and share lives with your Facebook friends. If you enjoy interior decorating, you will get a kick out of this game.

Trivia Crack for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

If you love trivia you will love this game. Choose from a variety of categories and answer trivia questions. Challenge a friend or play solo…this game offers endless trivia fun. Children can play along as well, as the app provides trivia for every age group.     

Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! for iPhone and iPad

This game is fun and easy for almost all ages. Hold down and drag your ball to knock balls of the same color. Avoid balls of a different color and collect coins and gifts as you successfully bump your matching color.   

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