Finding new recipes and cooking techniques has never been easier!  Free cooking apps for Android and iOS make it quick and simple to choose new recipes, create shopping lists and find cooking instructions.  If you are just beginning to cook, or a more seasoned chef, cooking with an app is always helpful.  If you are tired of cooking the same few things all the time, a free cooking app can provide you with dozens of new recipes and ideas.   

Sorting through apps on the app stores can be an annoying task.  So we have listed the top 20 best free cooking apps for Android and iOS for you.  Choose your favs or download them all.  

The free apps below are listed in order of review rating and most commonly downloaded on the platforms for Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad).

Best Free Cooking Apps for Android

Tasty for Android

Tasty is at the top of our list due to its vast library of recipes.  With over 3000 recipes offered, you are sure to find tons of new recipes you might like to try.  Tasty contains a dietary restriction filter if you have specific needs.  Then you are provided with a list of recipes and well as step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your meal.   

Cooking for Android

This app provides you with recipes based on your search criteria.  For example you can search certain ingredients to see a list of recipes you can try.  From the recipes, add items you don’t already have to create your shopping list.  Step-by-step instructions are simple and clear and show a photo as well.  Save your favorite recipes to make again and you will soon have a new collection of meals that you love.    

Yummly Recipes & Shopping List for Android


Yummly offers over 2 million recipes!  Never get bored with endless meal options.  Create recipe lists based on taste and dietary preferences.  Based on your choices you will then receive recommended recipes, offing you meal options you may have never thought of before.  Save your favorites to make again and organize your recipes within the app.  

Kitchen Stories – Recipes & Cooking for Android

This app won the Google Play Design award for its beautiful and easy to use design.  Instructional videos guide you through endless recipes.  You can also upload and share your favorite recipes with other users.  With the recipe upload option, there are hundreds of new recipes added each day making a fun and interactive cooking experience.      

All Recipes Free – Food Recipes and Cookbook for Android

We love this app due to its 100% free, no in-app purchases quality!  Receive ingredient lists and directions in this easy to use app.  Save recipes you love, create shopping lists and submit recipes of your own to be added to this app.  New recipes are added all the time so you will always have variety while cooking with this app.  

Food Network in the Kitchen for Android

Who doesn’t love the Food Network?  In app form, its like having the whole Food Network in your pocket, available whenever you want to cook.  This app give you access to recipes from all of your favorite Food Network chefs.  You can find and save recipes that you see on TV and find new recipes as well.  Watch the videos for a step-by-step reference as you cook.  

Crockpot Recipes: Healthy Recipes Crockpot Cooking for Android

Love to cook with your crockpot?  This app is for you.  Find recipes, prepare ingredients, throw them in the crockpot and go!  This app offers recipes for beverages, appetizers, meals, and even desserts!  Don’t have a crockpot?  This app just might inspire you to get one and enjoy the simplicity of crockpot cooking.  

BigOven Recipes Meal Planner, Grocery List & More for Android

This app is among our top ten due to its popularity in magazines such as Martha Steward Living and InStyle.  It offers recipes and shopping lists similar to other free recipe apps, but also has a cool sharing feature.  See what your friends and family are making to get some additional inspiration.  There’s also a “use the leftovers” feature that will create recipes for you based on what you have left in the fridge!  

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner – for Android

This app features a cooks profile, saving everything you have made or saved for easy access to find it again.   Find recipes you would like to try, get a shopping list of ingredients and follow the easy instructions to create your best meals yet.  With over 30 million users, Allrecipes provides endless recipes as well as community inspiration.  

Gordon Ramsay Recipes for Android

Star of MasterChef US, Gordon Ramsay provides you with his favorite and most popular recipes.  This multi-Michelin star chef has created his own app for you to cook like a pro!  Follow the instructions to create dozens of amazing meals that will impress your dinner guests.    

Best Cooking Apps for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

Tasty for iPhone and  iPad

Receive over 3000 recipes along with step-by-step instructions from the Tasty app!  Add in food preferences, find recipes and create a shopping list.  Follow easy instructions and pictures to create fun and super tasty meals!  

NYT Cooking for for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Featured recipes from New York Times magazine are sure to be a crowd pleaser.  This app adds new recipes each week so you never get tired of cooking the same things.  We love this app because the screen stays awake the whole time you’re cooking.  Find recipes based on diet, cuisine type, and more.  Save your favorites to share or use again.   

Food Network in the Kitchen for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Find recipes from your favorite Food Network chefs!  Recipes from current and past FN shows are available in this app.  There are over 70,000 recipes for you to try, share, and save to make again.  You can even share recipes via text.  Ease of use and variety put Food Network in the Kitchen on our best free cooking apps list.  

Yummli Recipes + Shopping List for iPhone and Apple Watch

This app is among our favs for its user-friendly educational videos and cooking tips and tricks.  Find recipes according to your dietary needs and culinary taste.  Yummli will recommend recipes based on your info.  Follow the directions to create amazing meals and learn new kitchen hacks.  This is your all-in-one kitchen helper app!    

Personalize your diet and receive tons of free recipe ideas that make meal planning simple.  Create your shopping list from the recipe, adding the ingredients you don’t already have at home.  Follow the easy instructions to create simple and healthy meals.  Most Mealime meals take just 30 minutes to prepare.  Perfect for the busy person who still wants a healthy, home cooked meal.     

Epicurious for iPhone and iPad

Explore over 35,000 recipes, with new ones added weekly!  Learn to cook by watching videos and following guided food prep instructions.  Create shopping lists or reference the smart kitchen timer feature used to quickly give you cooking times for things like chicken, salmon, etc.  Cooking is made easy with this newly revamped recipe app!

Food and Cooking Genius for iPhone and iPad

This is the perfect app for those looking to up their anti in the kitchen.  Food and Cooking Genius teaches you gourmet cooking skills, vocabulary and recipes.  The app even provides flash cards for you to study fancy food terminology.  For the foodie geeks out there, this is the app for you.  

Healthy Recipes The Tasty Food for iPhone and iPad

Easily select your recipes, receive the nutritional content of each one, follow step-by-step instructions and make some meal-time magic!  Save your favorites to your collection to easily reference again.  There are thousands of recipes to choose from…share the ones you love with your friends too!

Recipe World Healthy Recipes for iPhone, and iPad

This app is a favorite of ours due to its vocal step-by-step instructions.  Keep cooking as you listen to the instructions, instead of having to stop and read each step.  With over 1,000 recipes that feature vegan, paleo, and other options you can’t go wrong!  Find a recipe, make your list and listen to the instructions as you create beautiful meals.     

Healthy Crockpot Recipes for iPhone and iPad

Who doesn’t love a crock pot?!  Finding recipes that suit your tastes can be difficult… but not with the Healthy Crockpot App!  From Asian main courses to Vegan desserts – this app has it all.  The “set it and forget it” use of a crock pot, combined with easy recipes and a shopping list provides you with tons of great meals.  Prep in the morning and come home to a hot meal at the end of your day.   

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