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Verydice App Review

Verydice Price: Free
Verydice In-App Purchases: Yes: $0.99 - $99.99 Per Item
Verydice Category: Games - Casual
Verydice Age / Content Rating: Everyone / 17+
Verydice Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
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Verydice Game App Review

Verydice is the dice app for free stuff. When we checked out the app very dice, we were excited to see the positivity in the verydice reviews from the get go. This of course may leave some readers asking what is Verydice and how does Verydice work? Simply sign up with your basic info and begin rolling to earn tickets to compete in raffles for free prizes or turn in your tickets for your favorite stuff on Amazon (app is not associated with Amazon). This is definitely one of the more appealing apps that offers a true variety of what you can purchase with their made up currency. Of course some ask is Verydice safe or is Verydice legit, but we can assure you that the people calling it the Verydice scam are quite often in the minority as we take a deeper dive in our very dice app review.

The Verydice download is available free to download for the android or iPhone, and it doesn’t leave the user wondering how to get free tickets on Verydice. Other apps like Verydice can make cashing in on your prizes difficult or can be kind of shady and have the same people winning over and over again. Verydice free opportunities are actually quite abundant and the app is very helpful in showing its users how to get free rolls on Verydice and ways to get more rolls on Verydice. They even have Verydice codes that can allow you to get free tickets or a higher percentage of tickets which can help you earn prizes faster.

This of course doesn’t mean the app goes without any hecklers. There are plenty of people complaining that they won free stuff or should have gotten a big payout from a roll but didn’t receive it. This of course can be upsetting if you are an avid player and are trying to save up your tickets, but it appears that customer service is quick to respond and those that were actually wronged often get help with their tickets. While some complain the customer service is terrible, others say that when their item didn’t come, the company refunded the tickets and was even able to locate the package and get it to the user while letting him keep the tickets.

While some may raise an eyebrow in the Google Play store when they see an average star rating of 4.2 next to the Verydice app, it should be well known that the app is fairly new and is still working out some kinks. They do have responsive customer service available though to help make up for any hiccups they might experience as a fledgling app. If you have an iPhone i highly recommend the app as a time killer and way to get free stuff since its average star rating in the App Store is 4.8 after 20,000 plus reviews. This is a great sign for a newer app to have such a high rating when it takes so few bad reviews to really drag that number down. So go ahead and start rolling those dice and see what free stuff you can earn with Verydice!