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Township App Review

Township Price: Free to Download
Township In-App Purchases: Yes: $0.99 - $99.99 per item
Township Category: Games - Casual & Adventure
Township Age / Content Rating: Rated 4+ / Everyone
Township Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iMessage
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Township Game App Review

What is Township?

Township is a farm and town building game. You harvest crops and sell them to gain the funds needed to build new things in your town, such as restaurants and movie theaters. You can trade with other towns, go exploring for artifacts and treasure, and even open your own zoo to collect animals from around the globe. In short, it’s a town management game, with a lot of different aspects added into the gameplay for good measure.

Should you get Township?

It goes without saying that if you aren’t a big fan of management games, Township probably won’t be up your alley. However, if that is the type of game you enjoy, then Township is one of the most varied and diverse options out there. It has a lot more to do than mere building and resource collection. As mentioned before, you can create a zoo, interact with your townspeople, and trade. And as far as the town itself is concerned, there are all sorts of buildings and decorations you can build to truly make the town unique to you.

Furthermore, it has a lot of other exciting things to offer, like yacht races, mini-games, and of course, the social aspect of playing together with strangers or friends. There’s all sorts of things to build and craft, and all sorts of things to do, which is probably Township’s greatest strength. On the other hand, there is a weakness to address as well: the game is free to play and they have to make money somehow. Thankfully, they don’t do this with a tidal wave of ads, but to some the method they use is even more irritating.

The game can be played without ever spending real money. Technically speaking you could make it all the way to the top without ever spending real money. But it’ll take you a whole lot longer than if you did. You’ll often need more resources, more storage space, or faster upgrades, and the farther along you get, the more often you need these things. Sure, you could ultimately get them all without ever paying a dime, but you’ll definitely feel as though the game was designed to be significantly more frustrating for those who don’t want to spend any real cash. For some, this doesn’t really bother them, but for others it might ruin their enjoyment of the game.


-A lot of things to do; building, crafting, collecting, socializing, and competing ensure there are many ways to have fun

-Lots of diversity in customization, so you can make your town unique to you


-Despite being free to play, you’ll often feel as though you’re falling behind the people spending real cash

Details: Age Range, OS, Etc.

The age range for this innocent game about farming and building towns is 4 and up. As for OS, it requires iOS 9.0 or later or Android 4.2 and up. In app purchases are available.

Here is a game trailer of Township by Playrix posted to YouTube: