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Think Dirty App Review: Think Dirty Gets Your Products Out Of The Gutter

The main uncertainty floating around is if Think Dirty app is legit. As per usual, we read lots of reviews after we experience the app for ourselves, and I found myself actually having some of the same complaints I read in the reviews. The Think Dirty app helps you shop clean by allowing you to scan things into the think dirty app to see if they are safe for you to use. This has led to us wondering if the Think Dirty app is helping your or will it do you dirty? Let’s take a closer look at the health awareness app and see if it’s worth a try.

The good news is that the app seems to have a fairly unbiased opinion as to what ingredients are unhealthy. This has led to a lot of happy users that have an assortment of issues ranging from sensitive skin to breathing conditions. That certainly brings a lot of positivity to the app and what is also pretty shocking is that the app is totally free. There is a pretty obvious trends in the products, and that is that the more commonly known name brands contain products that have been deemed harmful. Some of the companies on there can be alarming and it is certainly enough to scare many shoppers into finding healthier products, but not everyone is convinced.

What I find to be kind of shocking is how many people say that there are very few items in the medium level of danger. One user points out that apparently only completely organic items show up as totally safe. While many people are worried and asking are my cosmetics safe, it appears the only people who benefit from this app are organic product makers. This sort of makes us wonder why there are some products on the site that are virtually unknown that are organic while other rather common products are completely omitted from the site. Another thing is that products with mostly natural ingredients rarely appear, making it seem like the app is trying to fear users into purchasing a product.

While there is some fear that the Think Dirty app is designed to be a talk dirty app against main brand products, evidence supports that people with health concerns that are directly affected by certain ingredients commonly found in name brand products. With the App store boasting a 4.8 average star review it is clear the app was made for this operating system. Unfortunately, the Think Dirty app only gets 3.6 in the Google play store that makes me caution Google powered device users to be wary when downloading the health conscious product app.

Here is a great video of Lilly Tse, the founder and CEO of Think Dirty, as she discusses what drove her to create the Think Dirty app as well as a brief synopsis of what the Think Dirty app is: