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Studio: HiiT Treadmill Workout App Review

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Studio Category: Health & Fitness
Studio Age / Content Rating: 17+
Studio Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod touch
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Studio App Review: Studio Running App Goes The Extra Mile

Our Studio app review will discuss many of the satisfied studio running app reviews and combine our own experience to see just what everyone is so excited about when it comes to the running treadmill app. While many are claiming its the best app for treadmill running, we can’t seem to find a reason to argue with them. We can’t help but agree this is one of the best treadmill workout apps out there, but that doesn’t mean we won’t take a peek behind the curtain to see what everyone has to say.

The Studio application is one that is based on treadmill routines as well as strength routines. The best part is it is easy to learn how to use Studio app because it supplies an extremely user friendly platform that allows you to dive right in. This is one an amazing app to track treadmill runs which can help a myriad of people; from those that are just trying to lose weight to professional athletes trying to get into peak form. It even has an interval training treadmill app class that can help you pump your workout to the next level.

There are of course a few naysayers out there. When we see what all of these complaints have in common, it usually is a studio running app review that circles around not cancelling their subscription on time. I get that it is annoying if you have a membership that renews monthly or yearly, but that is sort of your responsibility as the person who acknowledged the terms and agreements and had every opportunity to cancel it yourself.

We of course use this time to turn to what the people have to say to sum our review up. This app isn’t available for the Google Play Store just yet, but it is absolutely killing it in the app store with an amazing average star rating of 4.8. With so many people ranting and raving about how great their experience has been, it can be hard to find a reason to not recommend this app to all iPhone users looking to take their cardio or strength workout to the next level.

Here is a great preview of the Studio app put out by Studio on YouTube: