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Sonic Dash Review

Sonic Dash Price: Free
Sonic Dash In-App Purchases: Yes - $.99 - $28.99
Sonic Dash Category: Games - Action & Adventure
Sonic Dash Age / Content Rating: Everyone / 4+
Sonic Dash Compatibility: Android, iPhone and iPad
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Sonic Dash App Review

What is Sonic Dash?

Sonic Dash is a running game that follows the same basic principle as older games like Temple Run, in the sense that there are 3 lanes you run along, and you move side to side to both avoid obstacles and collect rings. The main difference is obviously the Sonic aesthetic, which is also probably its biggest selling point. If you really like Sonic as a character, or enjoy the style of his games, then Sonic Dash is probably the best running game for you to get.

Should you get Sonic Dash?

As said above, Sonic Dash is your typical running game in its mechanics. Of course, there’s more than just stepping side to side in this game, but also jumping, sliding, and dashing through enemies. As far as running games are concerned, Sonic Dash has a lot more to offer than most: Sonic is, after all, all about going fast.

That said, the game also has a lot of other things to take into consideration. For one, the graphics are extremely good, and the audio is nothing to laugh at either. It really feels like a game that has a lot of effort put into it. You can even play as a wide variety of characters, including series staples Tails and Knuckles. Boss fights are also a major part of the game, adding another level of variety to it.

Unfortunately, the game does have ads, but they aren’t absolutely terrible. There are certainly games out there with much worse advertisement saturation, though it is worth noting that advertisements in a game about things going fast really feel as though they interrupt the gameplay. Other than that, the games has relatively few bugs and glitches, so that’s a major plus as well.

Ultimately Sonic Dash is one of the best running games on the app store, so if you enjoy the genre, it is absolutely worth a look. After all, there’s never any harm in trying something that’s free in the first place.


-The game looks and sounds great

-Lets you play as multiple characters

-Run, dash, jump, and dodge to win boss fights


-Has some ads that are a nuisance

Details: Age Range, OS, Etc.

This game is rated E for Everyone, and requires Android 4.1 and higher to play. It does contain some digital purchases, but it is free to download and play.