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Smashy Road: Wanted Review

Smashy Road: Wanted Price: Free to Download
Smashy Road: Wanted In-App Purchases: Yes - $1.06 - $5.49 per item
Smashy Road: Wanted Category: Games - Racing
Smashy Road: Wanted Age / Content Rating: Everyone - 9+
Smashy Road: Wanted Compatibility: Android, iPhone and iPad
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Smashy Road: Wanted App Review

What is Smashy Road: Wanted?

Smashy Road is essentially a driving survival game. In a very Grand Theft Auto kind of way, you are wanted, and the longer you evade the one’s chasing you, the more dangerous the pursuers will become. At first it’ll be the police, but eventually it’ll move onto SWAT and even the Army. You drive one of 90 different vehicles, each with their own characteristics and handling, to smash the enemy and evade them as best you can. Its an endless survival game, so you drive until you are defeated and you get a high score.

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Should you get Smashy Road?

This is the type of game that isn’t really all that deep, but still has the capacity to be quite fun. It has that chaotic appeal of everything just being crazy and hectic, which a lot of people like. The graphics are block style but nice, and the sound is pretty good too. With roughly 90 vehicles to choose from, Smashy Road has enough variety to keep things interesting, even though you do the same thing every time you play. The fact that the levels you drive on are randomized also helps with this.

The game does have a few downsides, but they aren’t all that bad. Granted, the controls aren’t very great, but this is a game about smashing into things; the controls don’t really need to be all that good in order to do that, and at times it even makes it more fun. The game also has ads, but these likewise are not all that bad. They are generally optional and are not cropping up in the middle of gameplay all the time like some other apps do.

The vast array of cars with different abilities and skills also really helps keep the game interesting. It gives you a reason to keep on playing, as you try each car to see how it performs and how cool its buffs are. The game may be pretty simple in concept, but in execution it is quite fun.


-90 different vehicles to choose from

-Randomized stages keep things varied

-Good graphics and audio


-Controls aren’t the best

-Game does have some ads

Details: Age Range, OS, Etc.

This game is rated E for Everyone and requires Android 4.1 and up to play. The game is free but it does have digital purchases.