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Sleep Cycle App Review: The Rem Cycle Alarm Clock

The Sleep Cycle app has many people asking questions like does Sleep Cycle work, how does Sleep Cycle app work, how does Sleep Cycle work and just generally want to know how to use Sleep Cycle. The Sleep Cycle alarm clock app doesn’t simply have you track when you go to bed and wake you up with an alarm, it uses a fairly awesome analysis system to help you understand what could be impairing your sleep. Let’s take a deeper dive into our Sleep Cycle review to help you make the decision on whether this app is right or not for you.

While there seems to be a crazy Sleep Cycle alarm clock review here and there, we find it crazy to call the Sleep Cycle app fake. The Sleep Cycle app is of course only going to work if you use it properly, especially if you use the sleep cycle app with partner. The alarm clock based on Sleep Cycle makes you register that you are awake so that if you ignore its alarm it can continue trying to wake you. The rem cycle alarm is of course not favorited by all of its users.

There are plenty who say that the rem cycle alarm clock is off it’s rocker and not worth the subscription. Again, while we understand some people’s frustration with the rem sleep cycle alarm, the Sleep Cycle analysis can’t be done properly if you don’t answer all of the apps questions and honestly answer what you did throughout the course of your day. An while we get the Sleep cycle app graphs may take you back to elementary match classes, we have found the app to be extremely user friendly and quite comprehensive in the task it sets out to achieve.

We of course don’t expect you to just take our word as we now discuss what the people think of the app as a whole. With a 4.7 average star review happening in the App Store it is hard not to be excited. Even though the Google Play Store is a tad lower at an average star rating of 4.5, it is rather impressive to see such high marks across all devices. We are highly recommending this app to all people with a phone that have been trying to figure out how to get a better nights rest.

TED Talks put out a great video by Jessa Gamble that discusses the importance of sleep cycles: