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Rocket Sky! App Review

Rocket Sky! Price: Free to Download
Rocket Sky! In-App Purchases: Yes: To remove ads
Rocket Sky! Category: Games - Arcade & Action
Rocket Sky! Age / Content Rating: Rated 4+ / Everyone
Rocket Sky! Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
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Rocket Sky! Game App Review

What is Rocket Sky!?

As you probably surmised, this game revolves primarily around rockets, but the objective of the game is to launch those rockets as high into the sky as possible. As you get higher and higher, you’ll be able to unlock more and more upgrades for your rocket, which will in turn allow it to reach even greater heights. Ultimately, that’s all this game really consists of; repeating that same loop of gameplay over and over again for as long as it satisfies you.

Should you get Rocket Sky!?

Like a lot of popular mainstream app games, Rocket Sky! is a pretty straightforward game when it comes to content and mechanics. To put it bluntly, it’s a simple game, so it probably won’t appeal to anyone that is looking for a more in-depth and complex gaming experience. Considering that all you do is tap a screen and see how high your rocket can go, there’s not much to get out of the game in any other regard. It’s a great way to kill a few minutes of time here and there, but it’s something that will bore quite quickly if you try to play it religiously and without break. Even though there are many rocket parts to acquire, they ultimately don’t have much of an effect on how the game is played, so variety is not particularly improved. The only aspect of the game that actually requires input from you is balancing the heat limit of the rocket, lest it burn out.

However, this is not to say that the game is worthless. As stated previously, it’s a great choice if you are just looking for a game that will take up a few minutes of your time every once in a while, or a game that will relax you because it doesn’t require much in the way of mental exercise. Simple games can often be great for people that just want some means of entertainment during breaks, and in that regard, Rocket Sky! does very well. However, you should bear in mind that this is a free to play game: there are many, many ads to contend with. Unless you pay to remove them, they will harrow every few minutes of gameplay.


-Simple, easy gameplay makes the game easy to pick up and enjoy

-You can’t beat free


-Extremely high concentration of ads, plaguing every few minutes of gameplay

-Lack of gameplay variety will bore people looking for complex games

Details: OS, Age Range, etc.

As this is a mostly innocent game, it is rated E for Everyone. However, note that this rating does not include the content that may appear in ads. As for OS, Rocket Sky! requires Android 4.4 and up or iOS 10.0 or later. There are in app purchases, in the form of paying to remove ads from the game.