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Puzzle Fuzzle App Review

Puzzle Fuzzle Price: Free to Download
Puzzle Fuzzle In-App Purchases: Yes: $2.99 to remove ads
Puzzle Fuzzle Category: Games - Puzzle & Board
Puzzle Fuzzle Age / Content Rating: Rated 4+ / Everyone
Puzzle Fuzzle Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
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Puzzle Fuzzle Game App Review

What is Puzzle Fuzzle?

As the name clearly implies, this is a puzzle game, though it is of a pretty unique design. The premise is an interesting one; Puzzle Fuzzle gives you the name of an object, such as a carrot or a mushroom. Then it gives you several unrelated objects, such as a penguin or a flag. It’s your job to take bits and pieces of those unrelated objects and rotate, position, and combine them to form the object name you were provided.

Should you Get Puzzle Fuzzle?

Admittedly, Puzzle Fuzzle is not an extremely difficult game. Being a puzzle game, it will require a bit more mental exercise than even simpler games, but it doesn’t ever hit you with puzzles that will force you to wrack your brain for an hour. This makes the game a nice balance between so easy it’s not even entertaining and so hard you don’t even want to bother playing. For people that want a nice game in the middle of that balance, Puzzle Fuzzle is a good choice. By nature of being a puzzle game, you’ll have to at least put some thought into it, but it’ll never become so difficult that you can’t even enjoy the challenge. Of course, how difficult the game seems differs depending on the individual, so it’s better to test the difficulty of the game yourself if you want to determine whether or not it is challenging enough for you.

The aesthetic of the game itself is cute and endearing, which may be bonus points for some, but it does have one major fault in the way of ads. Like many free to play games, Puzzle Fuzzle is plagued with them. Granted, because it is free, the developers have to make money another way, but it certainly feels like they engaged in unnecessary advertisement overkill. Every level or two results in another 30 second ad, which interrupts the flow of gameplay, and probably your enjoyment. You can pay to remove these ads, but if you choose not to you’ll have to put up with them constantly. For some, this may be a deal breaker, while others might find it little more than an annoyance. That’s up to personal taste.


-Unique puzzle design requires you to solve said puzzles in creative ways

-Quick and easy to pick up, anyone can play it


-A whole lot of ads, all of which are very long

Details: OS, Age Range, Etc.

This game is very innocent and strives to keep its cute aesthetic, so it’s rated just 4 and up. Please note that this rating does not include the ads that may be shown while playing. As for OS, the game requires iOS 8 or later on Apple devices and Android 4.1 or up. There is one in app purchase available to remove ads.