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Magic Tiles Piano Vocal App Review

Magic Tiles: Piano & Vocal Price: Free to Dowload
Magic Tiles: Piano & Vocal In-App Purchases: Yes: $4.99 - $49.99 per item
Magic Tiles: Piano & Vocal Category: Games - Music
Magic Tiles: Piano & Vocal Age / Content Rating: Everyone / 4+
Magic Tiles: Piano & Vocal Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
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Magic Tiles: Piano and Vocal Game App Review

What is Magic Tiles?

This game is very similar to other music based games such as Rock Band or Guitar Hero, in which you have to hold down your finger on notes as they scroll down from the top of the screen in conjunction with the music that is playing. In the case of this app, the music in question happens to be related to the piano most of the time. Basically, you select the song you want to play, then you just have to hit the right notes until it is over. It’s a music game many people are familiar with already.

Should you get Magic Tiles?

As far as being what it is, Magic Tiles is a fairly good game. It has many different songs, by many popular singers, that haven’t been modified in any way. This is pretty rare among music apps like this, as they usually change the tunes somehow in order to avoid paying royalties or getting sued. That’s an obvious pro that anyone who enjoys this type of game should take into consideration. The large diversity of music to choose from ensures that players have plenty to keep themselves entertained with.

The game even has some interesting modes, like versus with other players, and it has daily missions as well, giving you something specific to strive for every day. Allegedly, they update their music selection regularly, ensuring that you don’t get bored with the options you have available.

That said, the game has a glaring issue as well, and that is unfortunately the extremely heavy advertisement presence. This is one of those apps that relies far too heavily on ads to make revenue; you will get ads inbetween every single round of play, and you will occasionally get ads even in the middle of gameplay, interrupting a good song and your flow. You can pay real money in order to remove all ads from the game, but that frankly just exacerbates the problem, rather than making it better.

Ultimately, Magic Tiles is pretty great in all of its gameplay features, but the heavy presence of ads really brings it down and significantly impacts the enjoyment one can derive from it.


-Tons of music by popular singers to choose from

-Easy and intuitive controls


-Ads are so prevalent they occasionally appear in the middle of gameplay

Details: Age Range, OS, Etc.

This game is rated E for everyone, and requires Android 4.1 or higher. It is free to download and play but does contain some in app purchases.