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Lucktastic App Review

Lucktastic Price: Free
Lucktastic In-App Purchases: No
Lucktastic Category: Lifestyle
Lucktastic Age / Content Rating: Everyone
Lucktastic Compatibility: Android
Lucktastic Privacy Policy:
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Lucktastic Prize, Gift Card & Reward Game App Review

If you have ever played a lotto app, you probably know your odds of winning anything of value are slim. That doesn’t stop people from asking if Lucktastic is legit or not in the reviews Lucktastic app has compiles. The reviews for Lucktastic app are actually not as bad as some other free lotto apps, but our Lucktastic app review will discuss the good the bad and the ugly to help you decide if this free lotto app is the right one for you or not.

The questions are almost endless when it comes to our internet searches: does lucktastic really pay, does lucktastic really work, is lucktastic real, what is lucktastic, can you win on lucktastic, does lucktastic really pay you, can you actually win on lucktastic, can you really win money on lucktastic, is luckstastic safe and is lucktastic worth it. The short answer to all of this is yes, Lucktastic has plenty of satisfied users that have won, been paid and have done it safely. That doesn’t mean by any means that you will have the same success. Which is why you can save up points to purchase gift cards or items that you might be interested in. This leads to lots of happy users, but there are still some that have a bone to pick.

Many people complain that although the app is free, the time is not worth the low level of prizes that are actually winnable. On top of that, the most concerning thing is that a lot of people have complained that after playing the app for a year and getting a low level prize that they saved up for, they often got the prize after jumping through several hoops or just didn’t receive anything at all without any refund of in game currency. This kind of seems unacceptable and makes a bit of sense why the app has dropped below the 4.0 average star review for some platforms.

Now we will see what people are saying as a whole to put the final nail in the coffin for your decision on the Lucktastic app. If you are someone that uses the App Store, sorry this app isn’t even available for you. The Google Play store has an average star review of 3.9 stars for the scratcher app. This isn’t necessarily a terrible app post 300 thousand plus reviews, but it’s also not the best we have seen for an app of its kind. If you are looking for a way to cure your boredom while waiting for your turn in line, this might be for you. If you are looking for an app that provides the highest quality lotto/scratcher app experience, there are probably better out there. Hope your scratchers bring you the big bucks!