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Lookout App Review

Lookout Price: Free to Download
Lookout In-App Purchases: Yes - $.99-$99.99 for premium services
Lookout Category: Tools / Utilities
Lookout Age / Content Rating: Everyone / 4+
Lookout Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
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Lookout Security & Antivirus App Review

Plenty of people want to know what the Lookout app is and what the Lookout app does. There are a number of apps that offer protection from cyber crime, but is the free lookout security app really up to the task?

Lookout app user feedback:

The Lookout app Android users seem to be pleased, as the Google play store has plenty of reviews, but the lookout app for iPhone seems to hardly have been used. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the app is ineffective. There's a good chance that you have fewer people interested in identity theft on the iOS user interface than they are with Android. The Lookout app does do more than keep your personal information safe, so let’s take a closer look at the Lookout app reviews and see if we can help you make a decision.

What is the Lookout app?

The Lookout security app at it's core is a mobile phone security and antivirus app. It does a decent job of not just alerting you of anyone fraudulently using your SSN or other personal information, you can upload your bank cards and give the app access to your social media platforms to get updates and alerts on things as small as being tagged in a post that you don’t want to be associated with.

Is the Lookout app free?

There is a premium membership for the Lookout mobile security app which kind of answers the question of whether the Lookout app is truly free. For Android via the Google Play store, in-app products range from $.99 to $99.99 per item and on iOS via the Google Play Store, you're looking at charges for in-app purchases that range from $2.99-$99.99. These are charges for the Lookout Premium features?

Common complaints about the Lookout app:

In general, some of the more popular complaints state that they're unhappy with the cost for the Lookout Premium subscription which may be a reason why the Lookout phone app users have rated down the Lookout app to the point that their rating fell below the 4.5 average star rating. A number of users have also had trouble getting their payment information removed from the site or not getting assistance to shut down their accounts before they were billed again. Some people also claim that even after paying for the app they then experienced bugs where the app continuously froze and crashed, at least on Android devices. It's also important to note that, since the date of this review, the Lookout team has most likely undergone a number of updates so these issues may no longer exist.


Though Lookout is only rated 4.4 stars in the Google Play store, the app is not terrible. It generally does what it claims to do and it seems as though the technology and security measures put in place are up to par. It's important to remember that this rating is out of nearly 1,000,000 reviews. Also, the iOS version has an impressive 4.7 average star rating. When looking at some of the more popular apps, it’s rather impressive to have so many people with positive experiences, especially when it came to getting their money or identity back when utilizing the benefits from their paid subscription membership. We give the Lookout up a nod and thumbs up and recommend giving the app a try on Android devices. If you're just looking to manage your bank and social media information better, then give it a download on your iPhone as well. It's important to note that a number of the features that the Lookout app offers are premium features, meaning that, if you are not a premium user, you will not be able to access them.

Here is a great explainer video uploaded to YouTube by Lookout: