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Homescapes App Review

Homescapes Price: Free to Download
Homescapes In-App Purchases: Yes: $0.99-$15.99
Homescapes Category: Games - Casual & Simulation
Homescapes Age / Content Rating: Rated 4+ / Everyone
Homescapes Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
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Homescapes Game App Review

What is Homescapes?

At its core, Homescapes is a tile match game with mechanics similar to Candy Crush. This is where the main gameplay is, but there is a unique spin to it; by completing these match puzzles, you get to renovate and decorate rooms in a house. In short, it’s a combination puzzle and design game, which is a pretty unique mix of mechanics. There’s even an actual story involved in this game, though it’s probably not top tier writing. Then again, most people don’t play app games for a gripping plot, so this complaint is minimal.

Should you get Homescapes?

One of the good things about Homescapes is that it is one of the few popular app games at the moment with an actually worthwhile amount of content to enjoy. Most app games are barebones gameplay with an ad in your face after every level. Homescapes actually goes out of its way to give you a game to play and enjoy. That said, it’s not without its drawbacks; like all free to play games, the ultimate goal of the game itself is to make money in whatever fashion possible, and Homescapes does this in a pretty tricky manner. Rather than barrage you with constant unavoidable ads, it’s the game mechanics themselves that spur you to spend real money.

In order to progress in the game, you’ll need to achieve certain levels of performance in the puzzle stages, and unfortunately, this comes down to luck more than skill. Many times you’ll need to get all ‘stars’ for a level, but the puzzle layout simply won’t allow it no matter what moves you make. However, you’ll often need to get that perfect ratings to progress forward, forcing you to simply repeat the process over and over again until you get lucky. On top of that, there is in-game currency that you can earn for free, but the payout ratio is very small. You’ll feel inclined to buy coins just to speed up the process of actually progressing through the game. So Homescapes might not be a great choice for the impatient.


-Technically a lot of content to go around, providing lots of gameplay time for the dedicated

-A unique blend of game mechanics that combines puzzles and decorating


-While you can progress through the game without paying money, it clearly urges you to spend real cash with its less than generous in game payouts

Details: OS, Age Range, etc.

The age range of this game is E for Everyone, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering how inherently innocent the premise is. As for OS, it requires either iOS 9.0 and up or Android 4.2 and higher. There are in-app purchases, mostly for the purpose of buying in game currency.

Here is a video that provides an inside look of the Homescapes app by Homescapes Official via Youtube: