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GetUpside App Review

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GetUpside review


Everyone loves cashback. It is no wonder then that the app market is now flush with cashback options all offering different features, benefits and styles. Each one requires some give and take in terms of what you’re willing to put up with for savings and there still isn’t a holy grail for incredible savings. However, where some apps require that you spend more than you normally would or with only a few brands and stores, the GetUpside app makes a valid attempt to earn cashback on purchases you would already be making. It is most well-known for its savings at the gas pump. However, its network is rapidly expanding to other businesses. While not perfect, GetUpside is definitely worth taking a closer look at.

How Does it Work?

Like every cashback app, GetUpside earns you money for every purchase you make at select locations and with specific offers. You begin by making a profile. GetUpside does not track your credit card or debit purchases like some others, but instead requires that you keep all your receipts. You later use them as proof of purchase. You begin first by looking for offers in your area, this may be at a grocery store, a gas station, or restaurant.

If there is an offer, you accept and then have 4 hours to act on it before it expires. If you don’t take the offer before buying, then you won’t earn anything. It is thus essential that you pay attention to what is popping up at any given time and accept when you know that you will be able to do it before the deadline. Furthermore, you need to read each offer. They all vary, and some are better than others. GetUpside requires that you make every purchase with a debit or credit card. This is because they need your name in print in order to validate the purchase. Once you have some completed offers, you’re ready to cash-in. GetUpside can pay you via PayPal or check. You can also exchange the money for a digital gift card. There are also nice benefits for referring friends.

The Good:

GetUpside’s biggest plus is that it really focuses on gas stations. Earning cashback on gas is fantastic since it’s an expensive purchase that is likely being made every week or more. For every gallon of gas, you can earn up to $0.25. Honestly, an app that only focused on gas purchases would probably be popular on its own.

Your options for actually cashing-out are many since you can choose to receive it via PayPal, check or digital gift card. This makes your cashback a lot more flexible than most other apps.

GetUpside has done a decent job of partnering with a lot of different stores. Rather than focus on brands that you might want nothing to do with, GetUpside keeps it simple and essential. You will mostly find gas stations, grocers, and restaurants. All of these frequently have offers with a wide range of options and benefits.

GetUpside’s referral program is robust. You get a $0.20 bonus when you refer a friend who takes a gas offer and spends $10.00 or more. Beyond that, you can earn $0.02 bonus for every gallon of gas your referral spends. Even more, you get an additional bonus for gas purchases made by your referral’s referral.

The Bad:

First and foremost, the GetUpside app is only available in certain areas. It is a growing company, so this is to be expected. However, it is of no use to most people if they can’t expand quickly and into all major cities.

While it totally makes sense that GetUpside requires credit or debit payments it can be obnoxious. They should find some way of verifying identity with cash payments, so you’re not always limited by cards.

The offer system is a bit of chore. GetUpside makes a point of keeping you actively looking for offers and then acting on them almost as soon as you accept. Additionally, if an offer pops up but you already made the required purchase, there is no way to go back. You simply don’t get the cashback. It would be nice if they could at least increase their time limit to 24 hours so there’s some actual time to plan and shop around. Especially with gas, you don’t want to be sitting around finding the best offer before you can fill up.

Offers also have a limit on GetUpside. You can only earn on 50 gallons of gas per offer and two grocery cashback receipts per week. Limits are necessary, but only two grocery receipts a week feels awfully cheap.


The GetUpside app is definitely worth a try if it is available in your area. Though it can be annoying to play with the offer system, the cashback is real and significant. Receiving up to 15% on groceries and 35% at restaurants is nothing to scoff at. Furthermore, its focus on gas stations earnings and wide range of cash-out options is convenient and smart. If you don’t mind the time limits, spontaneity of offers, and card only purchases, then there’s no harm in downloading and seeing if it works for you. GetUpside is small now but it has more potential than most cashback apps to be truly great.