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Fun Race 3D App Review

Fun Race 3D Price: Free to Download
Fun Race 3D In-App Purchases: Yes: $4.99 to remove ads
Fun Race 3D Category: Games - Racing & Sports
Fun Race 3D Age / Content Rating: Rated 4+ / Everyone
Fun Race 3D Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
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Fun Race 3D Review

What is Fun Race 3D?

The premise of this game is straightforward. You essentially have to race against other contestants on an obstacle course, with those obstacles often requiring some hardcore parkour from you to evade and avoid. You simply hold your finger down to run and release it to stop, avoiding all those aforementioned obstacles along the way. There are lots of different tracks and plenty of characters that you can unlock, so the game has enough diversity to keep it entertaining for some time.

Should you get Fun Race 3D?

The thing about this game is, the core concept is pretty fun. And at its best moments, it manages to be fun. But there’s a lot of things that hold the game back. Some of it is just bugs and glitches that could eventually be fixed, while others are simply bad game design choices. Camera angles can be troublesome at time, and you’ll often find yourself losing a race not because you aren’t good, but because you couldn’t see the obstacle you were supposed to avoid, due to something outside of your control being in your way. The game also starts each racer in a different position, which is really odd and gives some players an advantage in a race while disadvantaging others.

These are issues that could be rectified in future updates. But what will likely never change about this otherwise passable and entertaining game is the fact that it is a huge ad fest. Ads are everywhere; after every race, every time you switch menus, whenever you fail a race and have to restart it, even when you go to the in game store to buy in game items. There are quite literally ads around every corner, often forcing you to spend more time watching advertisements than actually playing the game itself. This is a free to play game, so it’s understandable that the developers need to make money somehow, but you get the feeling they were far more interested in putting out an ad platform with a fun hook rather than a fun game that happened to have some ads. Naturally you can pay to have ads removed, but that’s really glossing over the inherent problematic nature of such heavy ad saturation.

Taking all of that into consideration, the game still has the potential to be fun, but it’s often prevented from reaching that point due to bugs, bad camera angles, or a maelstrom of ads.


-Easy to play, anyone can pick it up and jump right in

-Multiplayer opportunities, adding some diversity to gameplay and races


-Way too many ads to enjoy the game seamlessly, interrupting gameplay at every turn

-Bad camera angles sometimes doom you to failure for reasons you can’t control

Details: OS, Age Range, Etc.

The rating for this game is 4 and up, though that doesn’t account for the content included in the ads themselves. For OS, you require iOS 9.0 and up or Android 5.0 and up.