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Flip Dunk App Review

Flip Dunk Price: Free to Download
Flip Dunk In-App Purchases: Yes: $2.99 and $3.49 for app removal
Flip Dunk Category: Games - Sports
Flip Dunk Age / Content Rating: Rated 12+ / Everyone
Flip Dunk Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
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Flip Dunk Game App Review

What is Flip Dunk?

Flip Dunk is a game about flipping your character around as you try and land the perfect slam dunk. Your character flips on trampolines and over or through obstacles, until you can flip your way right to the net and dunk the ball in. All you have to do is tap for jumps and hold your finger down for midair flips. That’s all there is to the game. It’s simple, but sometimes simplicity is more fun than people realize. Flip Dunk is the kind of game that doesn’t require an absurd amount of effort, making it a good way to relax in your spare time.

Should you get Flip Dunk?

If you’re looking for a complex strategy game or an ultra-difficult puzzle game that will wrack your brain, then Flip Dunk is not for you. But if you just want a relatively straightforward game that will entertain you in your free time throughout the day, then this game is a pretty solid option. It isn’t overly complex, but still provides a good bit of fun for someone that just needs to kill a little time that they have on their hands. While the gameplay remains mostly the same, there are a lot of different levels, as well as skins for you character, so there’s enough variety to keep you entertained as well.

On the flip side, once you clear all the levels, the game just restarts you back at the first stage. So once you do clear every stage, you won’t have anything new to strive for or achieve. That’s one serious drawback with the game, though there is another; there are a lot of ads to trudge through. As this is a free to play game, the developers had to make money somehow, and the conclusion they came to was clearly that of ads. You’ll have to sit through lengthy video ads every few levels, which really breaks the overall flow of the game and takes time away from what could be playtime. It’s an unfortunate reality of free to play apps, and Flip Dunk suffers from it like most of its companions do.


-Easy to pick up and play, no difficult learning curve

-A good variety of skins to keep things interesting


-A very high number of ads, every few stages

-There isn’t much to do once you’ve cleared all the stages

Details: OS, Age Range, Etc.

This game is rated 12 and up, and the reason it’s even that high is probably to account for what may be seen in the ads that are shown so regularly. There is only one in app purchase available, that being to remove the ads if you wish. As for OS, Flip Dunk requires iOs 9.0 or later or Android 4.4 and up.