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Fair Review: Is Fair worth it?

What is Fair app? How does Fair app work? Is Fair app legit? These are all questions people have about the Fair car app. See our breakdown below.

Although you probably don’t have it on your phone, you may have heard of the Fair app. For those looking to try a car out before purchasing or simply someone who is looking to rent a car for any pupose, all someone has to do is create an account and select their Fair app car.

How does Fair App work? Simply select the car you want, pay the app and the Fair Concierge Team will assist you in pickup of the vehicle. How do the Fair car app reviews stack up? Let’s take a closer look and help you make a final decision.

When reading a Fair car app review, you will usually find a happy customer that rented a car or was able to start the Uber tenure with ease. This is reassuring for Apple users of the app, as they have clearly received more reviews on the iOS system and have gotten a far better response.

Simply put your information in and pay the fees that are due and you can start driving your car. That in of itself are amazing, if their limited list of cities fits your boundaries. This just shows that the app is young and a solid following from the current cities the Fair app is live will help increase the popularity and benefits the company will be allowed to offer in the future.

A lot of people seem to have a gripe with the Fair car buying app, particularly when it comes to Google-powered devices. A lot of people have reported that their registration didn’t show up even after the temporary registration was finished. Many people had issues with drop offs and couldn’t even get a location which would lead to them being charged for an extra cycle even though they wanted to return the car.

There are plenty of people having successful experiences with the app, both for personal use as well as for Uber, but with so many people with major concerns, it might be worth it to enter your Fair car app experience with caution.

Ultimately you are not going to find another rental car option as lenient as the Fair car rental app. With credit checks becoming a regular when using debit cards at most normal rental car companies, Fair could have an amazingly large market when it comes to people with credit issues that can’t afford to purchase or lease a car.

The potential for this app is simply amazing, and the 4.6 star average review on apple is promising even if it’s just above 25 thousand reviews. With the Google Play version garnishing a meager 3.2 star average review, you may want to wait for the growing pains to subside before taking part in the newest rental car app sensation.

Fair is now live for drivers in these areas:

Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Washington, D.C. with more cities coming soon.

Here is a Fair app promo video that Fair uploaded to YouTube that will give you a quick glance at the Fair app: