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Extreme GT City Car Stunts App Review

Extreme City GT Car Stunts Price: Free to Download
Extreme City GT Car Stunts In-App Purchases: Yes: $2.99 Per Item
Extreme City GT Car Stunts Category: Games - Auto & Vehicles
Extreme City GT Car Stunts Age / Content Rating: Everyone
Extreme City GT Car Stunts Compatibility: Android
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Extreme GT City Car Stunts Game App Review

What is Extreme GT City Car Stunts?

This game is all about racing a GT car through crazy courses very similar to the kind of tracks you would expect with Hot Wheels. Basically, it’s a stunt racing game, in which you have to maneuver your extremely power car to drive on walls, through loops, and through hoops, all while competing with the other racers around you. Using powerups like nitro will help you succeed.

Should you get Extreme GT City Car Stunts?

The thing about this game is that its pros and cons are kind of a mixed bag. On one hand, it has really nice graphics and sound effects. The game is visceral and feels fun. But on the other hand the levels you race through, while full of stunt opportunities, are pretty brief, and the controls for racing aren’t the greatest. There are many GT racecars to choose from, but there are also a lot of ads to deal with. There’s so many pros and cons that the game pretty much just ends up being average.

Frankly, even though the game has some enjoyable mechanics, it comes across as caring more about money than anything else. New cars are extremely expensive; you’ll have to grind for a very long time to get them if you don’t want to spend real money, and if that’s the case, it’ll take even longer because you’ll constantly be dealing with ads all the time. After all, such advertisements come after pretty much every race, and seeing as how those rarely last even a minute, you’ll have to deal with quite a few of them.

Ultimately GT City Car Stunts is a game that has some redeeming gameplay features, but also some rather bad ones, leading to a mixed bag of mediocrity that is only worsened by how many ads you have to deal with and how expensive everything you might want from the game is unless you want to spend most of your time grinding. There are some things you can do for fun in this game, and it’s not like it is impossible to enjoy yourself, but the novelty is likely to wear thin pretty quickly all things considered.


-Nice graphics and sound effects

-Lots of cars to choose from


-Races are over very quickly

-There are ads just about everywhere, including between each short race

-In-game items cost a lot of currency to get

Details: Age Range, OS, Etc.

This game is rated E for Everyone, and it requires Android 4.0.3 or higher to play. The game is free to download and play but it does contain some in app purchases.