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Even Price: Free to Download - Free Budgeting Features - $8/month to use Instapay
Even In-App Purchases: Yes
Even Category: Finance
Even Age / Content Rating: Rated 4+ / Everyone
Even Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Even App Support: https://www.even.com or email hello@teameven.com
Even Privacy Policy: https://even.com/privacy
Even Developer Website: https://www.even.com

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Review of Even App

The Even App Has Got Your Back

While there are many apps out there that qualify as finance apps, the Even bank pay in advance app has helped its users with its responsible finance interface.

The Even financial app reviews have been absolutely phenomenal as each even bank app review coming in appears to be another satisfied customer. In our even app review we will discuss all the reviews of the Even app and help you make the decision as to whether this cash advance app is right for you.

Most people that find themselves getting involved with finance apps are used to having functions that allow them to take money from their paycheck early in order to pay bills or for any other reason. Where the Even app has gone a step further is that it can actually track your work hours and know how much you are going to get paid on your next paycheck. This allows it to know that you can indeed payback the money from you upcoming paycheck and doesn’t have to worry about credit.

On top of that, since it has a direct connection to your bills and banking account, it can actually pay your bills for you so that you never incur late fees. The user interface is easy to use and has its users filled with delight.

While there aren’t many bad reviews, there are a few that certainly should be looked at. One of the most common complaints people have is that their bank isn’t supported by the app which means they can’t use some of its more amazing features. This can be frustrating, but as the app grows, I’m sure its list of banks will also grow.

The other complaints were that the app isn’t free for all employers and some people do have to pay for the app. This can be upsetting, but the app does have to make its money somewhere and does a very good job of keeping user fees to a minimum, especially for such a recent app.

While the app is still fairly new, what has us so excited is how high of praise the app has received so early on. Having an average star rating of 4.9 in the App Store while simultaneously maintaining a 4.8 average star rating in the Google Play Store is nothing short of amazing for a new app. It means the developers were aware of the importance to function across all platforms and have delivered in their mission.

We recommend that you try the Even app today and take control of your finances once and for all!

Here's a great demo video that Even has made available on YouTube. It gives a quick breakdown of the Even app in action:

Here's an interesting related blog post by Even that discusses the idea behind the Even app and whether the on-demand pay model is the answer to reducing financial stress: https://blog.even.com/on-demand-pay-financial-wellness-56c4f438b505. It discusses how getting paid early with apps like the Even app may be helpful in the short term but it goes on to stress the importance in understanding that getting paid early by using apps like the Even app is not a solid financial solution in the long run.


What is the Even app?

The Even app is essentially a free cash advance and budgeting app that allows users access to cash prior to their scheduled payday. It also lets you know which bills are coming up which helps with planning and budgeting.

The Even app is not a payday loan app because it only allows you to access 50% of the money you've already earned.

Does the Even app charge you?

To use the basic features, like budgeting, the Even app is free to use. Even does offer 'Even Plus' which is required to use Instapay. The cost for 'Even Plus' is $8 per month.

What employers work with Even app?

Companies like Walmart use the Even app. Unfortunately, there is no list of employers on the Even app website. The best way to find out if your employer uses the Even app is to ask them directly.

How do you install the Even app?

If you click on the buttons above, that will take you directly to the Even app download page for Android and Apple devices where you'll be able to get the Even app. You can also click here to download Even for Android phones or click here to download the Even app for Apple iOS phones.

How long does it take for the Even app to deposit?

It takes Even app 1 day to transfer funds to your bank account. Though, you can also pick up funds instantly at Walmart.