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Drop Price: Free to Download
Drop In-App Purchases: Yes
Drop Category: Lifestyle
Drop Age / Content Rating: Rated 12+ / Everyone
Drop Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Drop App Support: https://www.earnwithdrop.com or support@earnwithdrop.com
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Drop Developer Website: https://www.earnwithdrop.com

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Review of Drop App

What is Drop App?

The quest for free money is never ending. Whether it is s a survey that will earn you a few cents, cashback rewards points, or a competition prize, we are forever on the lookout for easy money. However, cashback costs a fortune overtime to earn something worthwhile. The surveys are time-consuming and mind-numbing for a fraction of a dollar. Cash as a prize is unlikely, difficult or demeaning to get. This is where Drop app shines like a beacon. Designed to simply reward you for your normal spending habits, Drop tries to make the most out of everyday life. 

How Does Drop App Work?

The process from signing up to earning rewards is incredibly easy. After downloading the app, you link your card to the account and they remain linked to your account. Then the app gives you a wide selection of stores to pick from. Once you’ve aligned your profile with your specified brands, you can immediately start spending and earning cashback rewards. 

After picking your favorite brands there are a number of bonus offers that you can select. Examples of these include earning points for referring a friend and a lump sum for shopping with a particular store. These will be offered fairly regularly throughout your usage with the app. 

Drop tracks all of your purchases with the selected stores and you steadily earn points for every dollar spent. The ratios vary for each brand. Starbucks earns you 12 points for every dollar while Urban Outfitters gives you 15. 

Once you reach 5,000 points for a select location you can turn in your points for a $5 gift card. For every 1,000 you earn a dollar in cashback. Every gift card comes in $5 dollar increments however, so it can take time before you reach tangible rewards. 

Drop App Pros:

The process from signing up to actually earning points is incredibly simple. It can all be done in a matter of minutes. You can do it while you wait in line for Starbucks and start earning points when you get to the register.

The big selling point of Drop is that it simply gets the most out of where you already spend your money. By carefully picking your brands, you can start earning without spending any extra money. While it might take a bit of time before getting your first gift card, that process is as easy as pressing “redeem” whenever you are ready. 

Drop App Cons:

While Drop offers a wide selection of familiar and popular brands, you can only pick 5. You will get the most bang for your buck with grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Furthermore, once you pick your stores, that’s it. You are not allowed to change them. While this makes things less complicated on Drop’s end, it is incredibly frustrating for anyone who might regret a choice. Say you were earning points at your local Kroger store, then you move to a new neighborhood and have to shop at a completely new place. You are still stuck with the old choices. 

Furthermore, the wide selection of brands also comes with a wide variety in earnings ratios. While 7-Eleven gives you a generous 16 points per dollar, Walmart only gives you two. It’s important then to make sure the choice is worth it. Some will take ages just to get to a $5 gift card. 

Drop has also had some issues in the past with customers not receiving points despite spending at their selected brands. They amended their terms of use to omit certain large purchases, repeat purchases, business transactions and gift cards. Moreover, they added a limit of 5,000 points earned per week. This limits your earnings significantly and makes Drop far less exciting for those looking to save. 

Lastly, there are frequent reports of slow responses from customer service. If you are having technical problems or have a question, Drop takes its time before sending any kind of response. 

To Summarize:

Drop is certainly a convenient and easy to use app. With little effort beyond shopping how you normally would, you can earn gift cards. If you can keep your spending under control and avoid temptation from the bonus offers and the gamification of spending, Drop can definitely be a useful little savings tool. 

However, it is by no means a game changer. Drop significantly limits the ways in which you can earn points and how many you earn from each retailer. If you do not mind linking you bank information, definitely give Drop a try. Just don’t expect it earn you a particularly pretty penny.