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Block Puzzle 3D Game App Review

Block Puzzle 3D Price: Free to Download
Block Puzzle 3D In-App Purchases: Yes: $.99-$1.99
Block Puzzle 3D Category: Games - Arcade
Block Puzzle 3D Age / Content Rating: Rated 4+ / Everyone
Block Puzzle 3D Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
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Block Puzzle 3D Game App Review

What is Block Puzzle 3D?

Block Puzzle 3D is essentially just 3D Tetris. You have to stack blocks in a 3D column, fitting them together properly to ensure that it can keep climbing higher. You get more points as you reach certain height milestones for the column, and naturally, later levels get more difficult. It’s a spatial awareness puzzle game that definitely exudes that Tetris vibe, but from a different angle.

Should you get Block Puzzle 3D?

If you do like Tetris, or really any game in which you stack blocks of varying shapes, then you’ll probably enjoy Block Puzzle 3D, seeing as how that is the main point of the game. It’s a relatively simple game with mechanics that aren’t difficult to pick up, but getting really good at it is something that would require a lot of time and practice. In other words, easy to learn, difficult to master, especially at later stages.

Of course it’s kind of reasonable to expect a game about block stacking to be pretty good in the block stacking department, so what else does Block Puzzle 3D have to offer?

Well, to start with, it does look nice. Say what you will about the importance of aesthetic, but generally speaking people like games that look good, and Block Puzzle 3D does look good visually. It also has some pretty catchy tunes and cool sound effects, both of which make the game more fun to play in general. You won’t be playing in silence and the sound effects that accompany your moves and success are satisfying.

The game also has leaderboards, so you can compete against your friends and the world to see just how good you are, which drives a good sense of competition in a player. Finally, the controls are really simple and intuitive; simply slide your finger left or right to rotate a block, slide up to flip it, and slide down to place it on your tower. These easy controls make it a simple matter to play the game without any difficulty, and your high score won’t be ruined by a clunky movement you didn’t intend to make.

The only major downside to the game is a hefty helping of ads to interrupt your gameplay. Expect to see these wearily annoying and frustrating ads very often, and they aren’t easy to ignore. Sure, you could pay to get rid of them, but having to do that just proves how obtrusive and unnecessary those ads really are.


-Easy and intuitive controls

-Good aesthetic design both in both visuals and audio


-Lots of ads that interrupt the gameplay experience

Details: Age Range, OS, Etc.

This game is rated E for Everyone, and requires Android 4.1 or iOS 9.0. It is free to download and play but does contain in app purchases.