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What is

At its core, is a fairly straightforward racing game. The only difference is, instead of cars on a track, you control a person on a waterslide, racing down the waterpark staple as you try to beat many other competitors on the same slide. Essentially, that’s all there is to the game. It has most of what you would expect in a racing game; various ‘tracks’ and obstacles, as well as fun little additions like speed boosters. Unlike most traditional racing games, you can bump your competitors off of the slide if the opportunity arises, helping you on your way to victory. You can also jump off of a higher point on the waterslide and land on a lower part of it, taking a shortcut to the bottom.

Should you get

If you’re into racing games, then you’re bound to enjoy the overall premise of After all, it is a racing game, the unusual setting notwithstanding. There are many slides to race on, with many twists and turns, so it isn’t that the gameplay gets stale due to repetitive stages.

How to get skins in

You earn coins depending on your place at the end of a race, and you can use those to buy skins for your racer, though that’s about the extent of customization.

Is bots?

The real problem with the game is that the AI isn’t really fair. And since there’s no multiplayer functionality, you’ll always be playing against that unfair AI. You see, each round starts with 16 racers, you included, and you can supposedly ‘eliminate’ them from the race by knocking them off the slide. But even if you knocked everyone off, the game always ensures there are eight racers at the finish line. Moreover, the AI doesn’t actually have to ‘catch up’ to you. If you take a shortcut from the top of the slide to the bottom, the AI racers will just teleport into a position close behind you. Fact of the matter is, the game isn’t so much about ‘racing’ as it is trying to outpace some AI bots that are constantly cheating to stay with you. Granted, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the summer aesthetic, the bright tracks, or the cute racer skins, but at the end of the day your victory always feels like the bots just let you win; after all, since they’re constantly breaking the rules you have to abide by, surely they could have cheated to win, too. If you want a racing game that actually requires you to outperform bots or players that follow the actual rules of racing, then isn’t for you.


-Simple mechanics make the game easy to pick up and play

-Plenty of diversity in tracks and skins to keep things interesting

-It’s free to play


-No multiplayer, bot races only

-Bots don’t actually race you, instead teleporting around to keep up

-There are many ads if you don’t pay to remove them


Rated Everyone 10 and up. Requires iOS 9.0 or Android 4.4 and later. Is free to play but contains In App Purchases ranging from $.99 to $2.99.