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Angry Birds Dream Blast App Review

Angry Birds Dream Blast Price: Free
Angry Birds Dream Blast In-App Purchases: Yes: $1.99-$99.99 for various packs, bundles and coins
Angry Birds Dream Blast Category: Games - Puzzle
Angry Birds Dream Blast Age / Content Rating: Everyone / 4+
Angry Birds Dream Blast Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
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Angry Birds Dream Blast Game App Review

What is Angry Birds Dream Blast?

At its core, this game is a bobble popping puzzle game, in which you have to ‘line up’ bubbles of the same color, tap them to make the whole group disappear, and earn points. The process is very similar to other games like Candy Crush, though there are some Angry Birds specific powerups in the game; generally they come in the form of characters that let you take out larger swaths of bubbles in one tap, this earning more points.

Should you get Angry Birds Dream Blast?

First and foremost, it’s important to note that this game doesn’t actually have much to do with Angry Birds other than using the franchise’s characters. There’s nothing similar to the original Angry Birds games, so don’t go in expecting anything like that. No slingshots, no pig houses to knock down. It’s a bubble bursting puzzle game through and through, so be aware of that beforehand.

However, this bubble bursting game does have some variety to take into consideration; there are many different levels, all of which are shaped in different ways. These different shapes dictate how the bubbles fall when you clear space for them by popping a group, and they do follow realistic physics. This means that the various stages are unique in how you have to clear out the bubbles in order to set up your next move and continue to progress. And even though there are already hundreds of levels to choose from, new ones are added every Friday, so there is often new things to do.

Unfortunately, the game’s bonus system actually makes it hard for free players to progress down the line; once you hit some of the later stages, the game seems awfully reluctant to let you get any of those special powerups that would help you clear a stage, even if you popped a huge bundle of bubbles beforehand. This is where it starts to feel like you have to buy special moves in order to even progress. At the very least, it feels much harder to make progress if you are a free player, though it isn’t exactly impossible.

That said, you can find some decent enjoyment in the game without ever spending any money, but the further you progress the more difficult it will likely be to do that.


-Simple and enjoyable gameplay

-Angry Birds powerups that make it easier to clear stages


-Game feels as though it is heavily encouraging spending once you progress far enough

Details: Age Range, OS, Etc.

This innocent game is rated E for Everyone, and it requires Android 5.0 or iOS 9.0. The game is free to play but it does have in-app purchases.