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AFK Arena App Review

AFK Arena Price: Free to Download
AFK Arena In-App Purchases: Yes: $0.99 - $299.99 per item
AFK Arena Category: Games - Role-Playing / Strategy
AFK Arena Age / Content Rating: Teen / 9+
AFK Arena Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
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AFK Arena Game App Review

What is AFK Arena?

AFk Arena is a gacha-style game in which you unlock heroes, strengthen and equip them, organize them into various synergistic battle formations, and take on various enemies, including other players. The game’s main selling point is the casual nature in which it can be played, even progressing as you are offline and not actively playing the game at all. Other than that, it follows the same formula as most gacha games; try your luck in acquiring rare characters, then use them to conquer various game modes.

Should you get AFK Arena?

This is a game that you’ve probably seen a lot of ads for by now, in which the game’s ‘idle’ nature is often touted. It is often advertised as a game that can be ‘played’ even when you are busy working or at school. However, don’t take this to mean that you don’t actually interact; it only means that you can accrue things like EXP and in-game currency while offline. You still have to actually play the game, which is, after all, kind of the point of a game.

That said, there’s actually quite a lot of content for a game that promotes itself as being casual. There are hundreds of heroes you can summon, providing many different team compositions for the many types of game modes you play. They all have distinct powers and abilities, as well as backgrounds and aesthetics, so there’s something for everyone in this regard. That said, it is still a gacha game, which means the types of heroes you get comes down entirely to chance. This means you could spend real money trying and failing to get things you actually want, though you of course don’t have to spend money to play the game.

Since the characters you can acquire are the biggest part of any gacha game, there isn’t really too much else to say; the mechanics are what you would expect of such a game, with hero levels, ‘power levels,’ abilities, etc. The game does allow you to accrue resources even while offline, though this isn’t actually that rare of a feature. For casual players, a few minutes a day is enough to progress fairly well, while there are still plenty of features for more invested players to tackle as well.

All in all, the game has no real objective shortcomings, making it a great choice for people that like gacha, fantasy, and casual RPGs.


-Hundreds of heroes to acquire

-Plenty of game modes

-Can acquire in-game resources even while offline


-By nature of a gacha game, acquisition of heroes comes down to chance

Details: Age Range, OS, Etc.

The age range for this game is T and up, mostly due to the violent nature of a game about fighting, though none of it is graphic in any way. It requires Android 4.1 and up or iOS 8.0 and up. The game is free to play but does contain in-app purchases.