The world of The Witcher captivated audiences all over the world when it debuted, and most everyone will agree that The Witcher 3 is an amazing, excellent game. The side quests are unique, the characters are memorable, the monsters are interesting, but most importantly, the mini games are fantastic. Gwent, a unique card game made just for The Witcher 3, was so immensely popular and fun that players wanted a standalone Gwent game, and they got it back in 2017. However, it wasn’t available on iOS, and that will be rectified as of October 29th.

If you haven’t played Gwent on PC or consoles yet (you should get on that), it’s pretty much the same card game that it was in The Witcher 3, but with more mechanical complexity and even more beautifully designed cards. The aesthetic is very high fantasy, which sets it apart from the more cartoonish art style of card games like Hearthstone. There’s different factions, with different leaders that all have unique powers, so the amount of diversity in the game is great. It’s free-to-play, but like most of the competition, will have micro transactions for those that desire them. However, micro transactions will simply speed up the grind; they won’t let paying players get cards free players can’t.

According to game director Jason Slama, “Gwent is a game with strategic depth, where how you play your resources has a greater influence than the randomness of your card draw. A game where getting the deck you want doesn’t take an unreasonable commitment in terms of time or money.” 

If you want to be absolutely sure you don’t miss out on this stellar card game when it comes out next month, you can pre-order it on the app store; it’s free of course, but pre-ordering it will have your phone either download it on the day it comes out or at least provide you with a notification when it becomes available on October 29th. One way or another, it’s sure to be a great way of passing the time and getting one’s Witcher fix as we wait for the live Netflix series to come out. After all, going back to play the main games is something that takes just a bit too much time to do more than once a year, so a mobile card game sounds like a pretty nice alternative.

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