Google Launches ‘Order Online’ Service

Hungry but don’t know what to eat? Don’t feel like getting out? Is downloading an app too cumbersome?

Google Launches ‘Order Online’ Service
Food delivery man - Credit: Shutterstock

Google has entered the playing field of the food-delivery service provider by offering customers a way to order online without downloading a food delivery app.

With its new service, internet users can use Google Search, Maps or Google Assistant to order food through services like DoorDash, Postmates, and more. Soon across screens nationwide, an “Order Online” button will appear in the Search and Map functions of Google. Restaurants that participate in delivery services will allow customers to use Google to order, select a delivery time and pay through Google Pay.

“For participating restaurants, you can make your selections with just a few taps, view delivery or pickup times, and check out with Google Pay.”, explained Anantica Singh Google’s Senior Product Manager, in a blog post.

Through Google Assistant, a user could also order a “go-to meal” when in a rush. This service will be available across thousands of U.S. cities in the U.S., according to Google. It just takes three simple steps: Pick a participating restaurant, choose the food and check out.

Business Insider reported that customers can order food without the hassle of figure out which delivery service to use. “Google’s “order online” feature basically lets you order delivery from a restaurant without worrying if the restaurant is part of the delivery service you use,” Business Insider reported. “It’ll show which delivery service the restaurant works with, as well as the delivery fee that the service might have.”

Instead of facilitating the delivery service, Google makes it easy for customers to browse restaurants that partner with delivery service providers and acts as a middle man between the customer and a company like DoorDash. Through this service, Google allows for customers to order from more restaurants despite not having an account through each separate delivery service.

This feature will be available on both Android and iOS devices. Google hopes to partner with more delivery services to give more options to its users.

According to Forbes, Doordash is worth more than $12.6 billion despite having several competitors in the market. With Google stepping in as a facilitator in the food delivery industry, it will partner with these companies and receive a bit of the profit. In this era of one-day delivery and getting things when someone wants it, Google is making a move to step into the ever-growing fast-food delivery industry.